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Logo Zahnarzt Dr. Lull, Praxis für ganzheitliche Zahnheilkunde

The holistic dental practice Fürth Dr. Katrin Lull

We are aware that you are handing over a piece of your quality of life to our responsibility when it comes to dental care. We believe that the best answer to your trust is a result that can be seen: Whether as beautiful and healthy teeth or as aesthetically and functionally perfect dentures, which have been created for over 20 years exclusively from the cooperation with a master dental laboratory from the region.

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In our modern and training-oriented prophylaxis practice, uncompromising high-quality dental work is at the forefront of what we do. Not only patients from Fürth, but also patients from Erlangen, Nuremberg and the surrounding area trust us. With complex therapy approaches such as amalgam remediation, we utilize the body's natural healing abilities. As the name "Practice for Holistic Dentistry" already emphasizes, Dr. Katrin Lull and her team do not only concentrate on the mouth in their work, but also focus on the human being as a whole. In the holistic approach, the application of naturopathy in dentistry also plays an essential role. With great sensitivity, the dental practice in Fürth uses the findings of scientifically oriented dentistry and complements them with holistic and traditional methods such as classical homeopathy, neural therapy or matrix rhythm therapy in order to offer outstanding quality in dental care.

Because we are convinced of the quality of our work, we double the legally required guarantee period.

We are particularly proud of our new offer: the quick repair service at the Lull dental practice in Fürth. You have difficulties with your prosthesis? No problem - after adding a dental technician to our team, we can help you quickly and easily in many cases! You can find out more here.

We can also deal very well with any dental anxiety you may have. Not only patients from the greater Nuremberg/Fürth/Erlangen area, but also from Neustadt an der Aisch, Höchstadt or even Munich make the journey to our practice: because it is worth it. Dental fear is often based on bad experiences, but also on distorted information from the Internet or acquaintances. This is where we come in with modern facts, calmness and a lot of experience - and demonstrate again and again in our daily practice that dental fear is a real fear, but one that can be very well managed with a little help. Patients from the entire region of Nuremberg, Fürth and Erlangen place their trust in us, and some of them even suffer from a severe fear of going to the dentist. Therefore, before starting any therapy, it is crucial for us to welcome the patient where he or she is internally.

In the areas that go beyond dentistry and are not covered by our active continuing education activities, we can rely on the long-established network of therapists around Dr. Katrin Lull. This is appreciated by our patients, who come to us not only from the region, but sometimes from far away. Especially because they are interested in naturopathy in Nuremberg, Fürth, Erlangen or Höchstadt. The best thing is simply to see for yourself:

We can. We are worthwhile. And above all: we look forward to seeing you!

Dentist Dr. Katrin Lull with team

Your dentist for Fürth and the surrounding area

We are still in a time which demands a lot from all of us - but in which a dentist is also urgently needed in Fürth and the surrounding area. Since hygiene and protection measures have always been a priority in our dental practice, Dr. Katrin Lull and her team will continue to be there for you as usual! With an unrestricted range of services. And that for more than 25 years.